How To Wash You Hair The Right Way

How to wash your hair the right way

I don’t know about you ladies but I had no idea that there was a wrong way of washing your hair. I came across an article that there is in fact a right way to wash our luscious locks. This got me intrigued and I thought I should share this all with you… Keep on scrolling to read about my tips on How To Wash You Hair The Right Way.

Here is what you should be doing

Start With A Good Rinse

Thoroughly wet your hair before shampooing, also use warm water. This will open up your cuticles to help remove dirt, it also loosens oils stuck on your scalp.

If You Have Long Hair Condition Your Hair First

Weird… I know right?? If you have hair beneath your shoulders it’s advised to condition your hair first it helps protect fragile high from drying out. Remember to only add a small bit and then follow up with your shampoo.

Lather Up That Scalp

You only need to shampoo your scalp. The best way to lather up is to start from your roots to ends as the scalp does tend to get oilier then the rest of your hair.

Don’t Be Rough

Be gentle as your hair will start to break easily, so it’s important to not be too rough this will lead to breakage. Lather up your roots in a vertical motion as doing this circular motion will tangle your hair.

Add Conditioner From Mid- Length of Your Hair To Tips

After rinsing out your shampoo, apply some condition starting from mid length of your hair, conditioner consists of oils which is not needed for your roots as it will make it oily and we definitely don’t want any of that.

Finish Off With Cold Water Rinse

The cold water will shut the cuticle tight. This will create a great hair shine and the outer layer of will be sealed and causes light to reflect.



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