I Chopped My Hair

I Chopped My Hair -1

I Chopped My Hair! I’ve been wanting a new haircut for a few weeks now. I have been struggling with damaged hair due to having to straighten it every day. 

It’s also Summer and I want to spend less time stressing about my hair. I have also decided to go for the Brazilian Hair Treatment as my hair is really thick. This could help with needing to straightening my hair every day.

I Chopped My Hair -2
I Chopped My Hair -3
New Hair, New Me

I decided to go for a bob hair style. Due to the thickness of my hair the hairstylist also thinned it out a bit. Total thick hair problems, I couldn’t exactly wanted the cut I wanted. But this actually turned out better then I would’ve hoped for.

I am so happy with the way it turned out and I think that the hair treatment will make my hair look and feel even better. They do say a women’s hair is a crown, I have always battled with my hair type as its always been unruly and difficult for me to maintain.

I also always had the luxury of my sister doing my hair for me for many years. I simply don’t have the patience of doing it myself nor have the money to visit the salon everything week!

So, I am happy with the cut! It’s not the first time I opted for a shorter haircut though. About two years ago I also had my hair this shorter but it outgrew so much because I wanted longer hair. Not sure why I didn’t go shorter long ago!

What do you guys think about my new hair? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below about my new hair? Have you recently cut your hair shorter? Are you enjoying the shorter look?


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