I’m Addicted To Makeup

I'm Addicted To Makeup

Hi I’m Candice and I’m addicted to buying makeup! Yip I sadly have finally admit that I actually have a real problem buying new makeup all the time.

Being a beauty blogger has honestly made me into having this unhealthy obsession with always buying new makeup! I have been seriously doing a lot of thinking lately especially when I’m about to sleep and all these thoughts keep rushing through my head which keeps me up at night but it dawned on me “My God do I really have a problem”  I keep having to make space for new makeup and I’m constantly throwing away the things I get bored of using makeup is not cheap and before I started my blog more then 2 years ago I could never imagine myself with this much makeup and reality is their are constantly new products launching all the time which makes it impossible to catch up to.

Don’t get me wrong I love makeup which is why I am in this predicament and my collection is no where near many of you ladies but spending all this money on new beauty products is so expensive and honestly bankrupting me yet the one thing I do when going to the store is go straight to the makeup Isle.

Is this normal? To be so consumed with “needing”  to have the newest products that it’s taking over my life when I would rather buy new makeup then to buy actual food (this is quite embarrassing but sadly true) ….  Do I really want to continue the path I’m heading? Am I the only one who does this? So many questions I keep asking myself I’m not sure if I like the obsessed makeup person I’ve become yes I do love new things and makeup makes me happy but I honestly think it’s not worth spending every dim I have to keep current on what’s new.

I will be starting a makeup cleanse for the next few months (haven’t decided how long yet)  where I am banning myself from buying any new makeup products (literally tearing up right now ah new colourpop) I have enough beauty products to use and actually finish up before I can buy what I need –  but for now I will. Be challenging myself to stop buying cause honestly I don’t need it at all!

Am I the only one who feels that makeup has taken off my thoughts and purse? Let me know. If you guys are going through the same thing would love to know that I’m not the only one who has allowed makeup to takeover my life like this.

Ps : Reviews you guys will be seeing on the blog will be from products I already have in my collection or received as a press drop.


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