{First Impressions} Full Lips

{First Impressions} Full Lips_01

I was lucky enough to have send a package from Full Lips,  they are a new company in South Africa. If you are a trend follower you would know that the trend of creating fuller lips has swept the globe thanks to Kylie Jenner– now everyone around the world desires those fuller lips and I am not ashamed I myself want to have sexy fuller lips.

Full lips is a South African online store that sells these lip enhancers that you might be seeing all over Pinterest,  they sent me 3 different lip sizes to try out. These lip enhances are a more natural alternative for achieving fuller lips without the use of any medical procedures.

{First Impressions} Full Lips_02

Some points they make mention:

1 – Gentle Suction ONLY : Never hard. Hard suction can cause bruising.

2 – Start Slowly : A few seconds at a time, check and repeat.

3 – Moisture : Water or moisturise around your mouth area,will give you a better seal, especially I’d you have dry skin. This is really important if you have trouble getting good suction.

4 – Relax : your lips into the enhancer.

5 – Watch the “how to use” video on the website which I have linked below.

They also offer some lip tips which I will touch on, with my full review on these lip enhancers. I have managed to only try it once and wow the results really does show for itself but I will talk more about that in an in depth review and step by step guide on how I use them and my experience with it.

I do really love the fact that you get so many sizes to choose from depending on what lip look you are striving for. I can’t wait to start using them all and telling you guys all about it, I have had my eyes on these for awhile wondering if they really work.


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