Instagram Story Sticker Freebies Days Of The Week

I’ve been loving artwork creating, but due to my wanting to step back and taking time for more important things in my life I decided that it was best to scrap the whole selling them in Etsy. You guys seem to really like them so I decided to rather share them as freebies. Here are some Instagram Sticker Freebies Days Of The Week to help add some personalisation to your Instagram Story.

I plan on making this a regular feature on my blog and share some of my creations with you because. Sharing is caring right?!

To download these simply right clicks and SAVE AS IMAGE on your phone or desktop.

To add the stickers to your Instagram copy the image on your phone. You will then get a popup on your Instagram Story to ADD STICKER. If this option doesn’t come up then simply click PASTE and the sticker will appear.


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