Introducing Colai Care Products

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I don’t know about you, but I just love coming across new brands and products.  I’m always intrigued with what they offer and you never know what gems you might find. Colai is a brand I’ve never heard of before so when they emailed me introducing them to their brand I was really amped in seeing what kind of products they make.

Colai Care Products are a newly established skin care product line, their products are natural based products and contains no parabens or synthetic ingredients (sounds great right?) . Colai products are odourless and have no artificial colorants to keep it as natural as possible. The natural extracts that contain Colai products include: pomegranate, honeybush, shea butter, coconut butter, goji berry and beeswax extracts.

I was lucky enough to be sent some samples to try out and I thought I would share my opinions on the range of products I tried. Colai products are high quality, affordable and natural based.


Night Cream 50ml R120 – These contain gogi berry extracts and are anti-aging. I have been using the night Cream even night for the last for weeks and have noticed a difference in my skin texture, my skin has been extremely dry and flaky, worst of all I noticed some bumps all over my cheeks. The formula is quite thick and extremely moisturising, it gets soaks up by the skin within seconds of application.

Day Cream 50ml R110 –  These contain gogo berry extracts and are anti-aging. I’ve been using this in conjunction with the night cream, it hydrates the skin before applying makeup I have not yet noticed my skin flaking during the day at all and my skin has been super soft.

Body Butter 250ml R80 – These contain cocoa and Shea Butter. Because I suffer from eczema I haven’t used this body butter all that much, but then again besides my prescription ointments I can’t really use anything foreign on my skin otherwise it will break out with rashes like crazy no matter what other product it might be. I have used this twice and it didn’t irritate my skin at at the scent is amazing and it’s quite thick in formula making it very hydrating to the skin.  I have been using these more on my elbows and knees areas I tend to ash and get dry the fasted.

Conditioner + Sulphate Free Shampoo 500ml R95 – you can get them natural or with argan oil.  These work so well together my hair looks so much healthier and smells so good.  I love the fact that the shampoo is actually Sulphate Free which does mean it’s better for my hair.

To be honest I am extremely impressed with the quality of these products the fact that they are natural just makes me even more astonished, it gives me comfort knowing that the products I have been using are natural and good for my skin and the results does show.  My skin hasnt looked as healthy as it does for a long time I have not had a break out at all and my skin hasn’t felt dry a since before I started using the Colai products.  I would definitely recommend these to you ladies who are looking for natural products to use, their products are great quality and you can feel the amount of work and passion these guys have for the products they create. These are also suitable for every skin type so  for all you oily skin ladies out their you can also get to use the Colai products.

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* Ps: These were sent to me but all opinions are honest and are my own.


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