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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a new brand in South Africa called Lamarie, I am also excited to come across new brands that launch in South Africa it’s always great to have a feel for what the beauty industry has to offer – today’s post is all about Introducing Lamarie.

“ Lamarie is an exciting cosmetics brand that specializes in quality skin care products for men and woman. “

Lamarie Cosmetics caters to all different skin tones and celebrates the essence of nature. I find that catering for all skin tones and types are extremely important – One thing that does bug me about many brands is that they don’t cover all skin tones and skin types – I do have a very unique skin tone and it’s hard finding products that best suits me.

Lamarie Cosmetics has a slogan which speaks volumes “Be Skin- Confident” That really hits home for me. I have had so many issues with my skin and do his day have the scars that will forever be a reminder. Feeling confident in my skin is something that I still struggle with.

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Now that I have given you guys the low down on what the brand offers and what they stand for. Lamarie also sent me two items which are on trial at the moment. As soon as I have tested it thoroughly I will share my review on the products which is the Lamarie Sensi – Repair Serum and the Lamarie Pro – Repair Cream. Both of these products are well suited for my dry combination skin so I am really excited about sharing my thoughts on these two skin care items on the blog soon.

Lamarie is also launching an online store soon – just by looking through the booklet of products they offer I have to say there is plenty to look forward to.

Have you guys heard of the brand Lamarie Cosmetics before? If so please let me know what you guys thought about the brand and the products they offer?


For more information about Lamarie you can check out their website over here.


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