Is Eye Cream Necessary

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A question I have been asking myself lately! Is Eye Cream Necessary in my daily skincare routine? There have been so many information out there surrounding if it’s really important to use eye cream every day.

Is Eye Cream Necessary

Eye creams often claim to have been formulated ‘specially’ for the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes. Brands claim they will help you get rid of bags under the eyes, dark rings and saggy skin, but eye creams are no miracle cure like many other skincare products. 

The fact is that eye creams have been specially formulated for the delicate eye area. Eye creams typically do three things: they help brighten skin, reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles, and deliver ingredients in a gentle formula that won’t irritate the skin.

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate. That is why eye creams are created at lower doses that can absorb well into the week.

Does this mean that eyes creams are essentials? This will be up to you! If you using a good face cream that deeply hydrates and doesn’t have any overwhelming ingredients then no. However, if you are concerned about wrinkles and fine lines, it might be a better idea to use an eye cream or eye product to target those areas. 

Can this information we are told all be a scam? According to The Insider, an interviewed two doctors about these claims. 

Eye creams are a face cream in a smaller jar.

Dr Macrene Alexiades, Associate Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine and Director of Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center of New York, said, “There is no real reason to have a separate eye cream, as you want the same ingredients there as you do elsewhere. Oftentimes the eye creams just face creams in a smaller jar.

So if an eye cream is a scam, then how do you treat the skin surrounding your eye? According to Dr Frey, “with a good moisturizer.”

With so many theories out there. Why do you think?


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