Is Running A Blog Consuming My Life?

Is Running A Blog Consuming My Life? -1

Is Running A Blog Consuming My Life? A question I keep asking myself lately. Posting four times a week is no easy task. Especially if you have a full-time job and blogging is only a hobby for you. Let’s face it blogging in South Africa is not recognised and there’s no way you can supplement your income by blogging.

Blogging is my happy place, the only hobby I have and for the first time in my life I have something I am passionate about.

Still enjoy blogging after more then 4 years?

Blogging is a passion of mine, it’s basically the only hobby I have and it makes me happy. However, it is very time consuming and I find myself having to wake up earlier in the morning and basically spending every free time I have working on my blog. I always think to myself is it really worth it? Most days I feel at a lost, that maybe people don’t like my content.

I love what I do, for the first time in my life I actually found something I enjoy doing. I sadly don’t have many if any friends, I am usually that awkward girl. Blogging has provided me the opportunity to be able to talk to many other women around the world that love what I do and have similar interests as mine.

At times yes, blogging can be a pain and my fiancé gets mad at me when I am always on my laptop working on content or scheduling social media posts. The fact is that I love it and I don’t mind putting in the effort because I love it. I don’t agree that my blog should be consuming every waking second of my life. The last thing I want is for it to come in the way of me spending time with my family.

I have found that scheduling my content way in advance has helped me so much, I find that I have more time with my family. I don’t have to be in a panic about posts.

Is your blog consuming your life? Let me know in the comments below, will love to know if I’m not the only one.


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