June Favourite Blog Posts

I wanted to share some of my favourite posts I have really been enjoying this month! This is such a great way to share with you guys some bloggers I really love. Here are my June Favourite Blog Posts.

Blogging industry seems to have gone very slow. I don’t get as much visitors as before. From what I can tell this is an issue so many other bloggers have been struggling with. Now on to my favourite blog posts for this month.

June Favourite Blog Posts -1

Urban Decay Born To Run: review by Charline Has A Blog

I have been following Charline for awhile. As you may or may not know Urban Decay released a new collection! Charline is the first blogger I follow that managed to get her hands on this. I absolutely loved her review and looks she created using the Urban Decay Born To Run Palette! Read it here.

L’Oreal No Makeup Makeup Range – First Impressions by Kate Louise Blogs

I really like Kate’s blog photos! I love her post where she shared her first impressions on the latest L’oreal range! This new range looks absolutely stunning! If you love Rose Gold as much as I do this latest collection is aesthetically perfect. She talks about all of these products and shares her thoughts with us. Read it here

Explore Coconut Goodness With Palmer’s Canada by Reflection Of Sanity

I absolutely love Shireen! She is fiery and tells it like it is. She’s one of a few honest bloggers I know. I always trust her opinion. Palmers is a fairly new brand here in South Africa which is why I really loved reading this post where to reviewed these products. Read it here

Blogging Stale & Feeling Lost by Make Erin Over

I love Erin, she’s the sweetest! This post is just so relatable and sadly this is what is currently happening in the blogging world. She talks about what she’s experienced recently with blogging being slow. This is a definite must read. Read it here

say NO to single-use straws | The Bamboo Project by With Elizabeth H

Lizna is probably one of the sweetest local bloggers I know! She’s just so down to earth and real. I really enjoyed her post on bamboo straws and reminded me that we all need to make adjustments to cut out plastic. Read it here

The Truth About PR by Jasmine Talks Beauty

Jasmine serves us some real talk on her post about the trust about PR. She talks about everything PR related from requesting PR to getting taken off the PR list. This post is another great post I would highly recommend you read. Read it here

What blog posts have you been enjoying this June?


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