June Lipstick Of The Month

My June Lipstick Of The Month is so late! I have been having a bit of a writer’s block! You guys, of course, didn’t notice it because I always have at least 5 or more posts scheduled.

The cold weather here in South Africa has gone to my head, making me lazy and the weather has been extremely overcast, leaving me lost without being able to take any blog photos.

I’ve been trying to take photos in bulk, we had a few changes at home and I literally had to move all my makeup in the garage. Which means that my makeup is all stored away!

With Winter here, I have also been wearing makeup a lot less embracing my natural. I have to admit I have never felt so free and self-conscious before! I’ve been trying to invest more in skincare products and getting my skin looking better before the “big day“.

June Lipstick Of The Month -2

June Lipstick Of The Month goes to…

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in the shade Nocturnal Rose. It’s the perfect pinky nude shade and suits my skin tone really well. I did a full review of the new Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks before which you can read here.

This shade has been one of my favourites at the moment, the formula is so creamy and the glide on with ease. Also, they last really well, unfortunately, they are not transfer proof, It’s still a really amazing lipstick! It’s just such an easy to wear lipstick and I have been reaching for it more…

I definitely plan on getting more Color Sensational lipsticks, I am super impressed with the ones I got and definitely feel that it’s worth getting.

What lipstick shade have you been mostly reaching for during the month of June? Let me know in the comments section below!


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