Kardashian Beauty SA Online Store Launches


Some of you might not know that the Kardashian sisters have their own line of hair products and tools and now new to my knowledge they have also added makeup products to their list.

I myself have never been one to get onto the Kardashian train, but you have to envy them for supplying on demand this power house trio knows exactly what the market needs and well they are making a huge success out of it

The Kardashian’s just launched their hair products and tools a few weeks ago here in South Africa, which I have already been seeing at salons and online stores. Today the Kardashian Beauty online store launches their makeup products! Honestly I have always loved how the Kardashian’s makeup looks, smokey eyes, long lashes and that famous Kim contour – makeup goals I strive for! Well now my fellow South Africans you can get the look too… The Kardashian Beauty Online store is currently running a launch sale! Who doesn’t love a good sale? You can now get 20% off from today 16th December till 18th December – you also get door to door delivery.


Be sure to stop by and check out the Kardashian Beauty Makeup range on www.kardashianbeautysa.co.za I know you guys are as curious as I am about how these products work. If these ladies where willing to put their names on a product these must be amazing or at least that’s what I think.


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