Lancôme Launches Custom Glow Drops And Skin Feels Good

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I was so surprised when Lancôme sent me two of their newly released items! I have sadly never used Lancôme products before, but have always heard so much hype about them. Lancôme Launches Custom Glow Drops And Skin Feels Good Teint help you achieve the perfect radiant glow.

Makeup reaches a new milestone infused with skincare agents, making radiance boosters that create a healthy glow. For a girl-on-the-go who wants to sport a natural no makeup look as well as the flexibility to build on it for date night at the end of the day.

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The Lancôme Custom Glow Drops can be used in two ways! For a relatively natural look and to give your complexion the prettiest sunkissed gleam. Mix a bead of Custom Glow Drop with your foundation. If you want a more striking effect, dab a drop of product directly onto the skin and work it into the look you want, highlighting and/or contouring for a polished and bold result… Lancôme’s motto is Glow your way!

Lancôme released four variants in their Customer Glow Drops.

  •  To brighten your complexion with a fresh sparkle, Champagne Glow is the way to go! Mix a drop into your foundation for a natural, subtle glow effect. Or use it directly on the skin for the radiant appeal of strobing, by applying on the tops of the cheekbones, the centre of the nose, and on the Cupid’s bow. 
  •  To gently emphasise facial contours and warm up the complexion, the delicacy of Rose Glow is just the thing. Mix a drop with your foundation to add a slight rosy flush that brings out the skin’s freshness and healthy bloom. For darker skins, use Rose Glow as a highlighter to add gentle definition to your features. 
  •  To add bright radiance with a warm touch of sunshine, Golden Glow gives the best result. Mix a drop of product with your foundation to get a sunkissed complexion, and if your skin is olive or darker, you can use it as a highlighter for guaranteed impact! 
  • To sculpt your face, Bronze Glow is what you need! For my darker skin ladies, you can mix a drop of product with the foundation to illuminate their complexion, while medium and light-skinned women will find it perfect for creating subtle and elegant contouring!
Lancôme Skin Feels Good

This vision of beauty has been a cornerstone of Lancôme’s values since its inception, and it is one that millennials have totally taken on board. For these women, beauty is not so much a question of your look. It is something that chiefly depends on your lifestyle. That is why they always expect more of their make-up products. Extremely active, energetic, strong and demanding, they need everyday beauty allies – must-haves that combine top performance with easy application, while caring for their skin.

Skin Feels Good offers both a beautiful glow and moisture-replenishment. Its formula enhances the complexion in two stages:

1. Instantly, with a light-revealing sheer foundation that’s a genuine radiance booster
2. Long term, thanks to its great combination of moisturising and antioxidant agents for a lovelier, healthier complexion day after day

Skin Feels Good ingredients are;

  • Hyaluronic acid captures and retains moisturisation inside the skin to make it more beautiful, day after day
  • Natural moringa extract acts like a shield, protecting skin through its anti-oxidant properties and preserving its radiance
  • SPF 20 sunscreen filters help protect the skin from sun damage

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