Leopard Print Trend

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I wasn’t too sure about the leopard print trend. I am usually the type of person who shy’s away from what I think to be bolder prints. I’ve now learnt to embrace it and kind of think I might be obsessed with the Leopard Print Trend.

At the moment I do own two leopard prints skirts to be sure if it really suits me or not. I have been obsessed and surprised at how easy it is to pair items with the leopard print.

A Leopard Print Trend

It is currently Autumn in South Africa which means I will be layering more items as we ease into Winter. I have been loving off the shoulder top for a warmer day and putting on a sweater for the colder days or even a t shirt. I have been obsessed and have already been eyeing some cute leopard printed skirts which I think will look fabulous with other items in my wardrobe.

The two leopard printed skirts I own both are suitable for Autumn and even winter. The one bodycon skirt is a midi length which I love but is also made with a thicker material that I can easily wear during Winter.

The other more flowing skirt is also midi length with frills has this lovely black lining. I am really obsessed with midi length skirts I feel more comfortable with skirts and dress that goes below my knee… Both skirts were purchased at Mr Price Clothing. I just feel uncomfortable with it being shorter especially with this Cape Town wind I am always wondering when my undies will show.

What do you guys think about the leopard print trend that has been taken over the world. Are you embracing it? Or is it just too much print for you? Let me know in the comments below as I love hearing your thoughts.


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