{ Let’s Chat } Life Update + Wedding Update

Life Update + Wedding Update _00

Today I just felt like talking to you guys on a more personal level – and I have thought about sharing many more of these chatting post updates. So much has been going on in my life lately and not all good, it’s been really tough to stay motivated when it feels like my blog has just reached a plateau.

What’s been going on in life? Well, work has been insanely busy – I have been taking on quite a bit of activity and it’s just been a draining process. I do enjoy learning new things in the company I am working, but some days it gets really tough, I am sure many of you guys feel the same way in your jobs as well. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining find a job is hard enough in South Africa

Wedding update? As many of you guys know Justin and I recently got engaged, it has taken our relationship to the next level and as if I couldn’t be more in love with him I am. Wedding planning has actually not become a major concern for us now, we both have agreed to extend the date of a wedding because we are paying for everything ourselves it just makes sense to not rush things. We have a few major costs that firsts need to be settled before we can plan our wedding but we have agreed that 2 and a half years from now should be a sufficient time frame for us to save our asses off so that I can get the wedding I want, which honestly is as minimal a few close friends, parents and that’s it. If it was up to me I would be happy with going to the court house, but it is a wedding and I guess we want to spend the day with loved ones and special people so a small wedding will be good enough.

I have never been that type of person who envisioned a big wedding, with long flowy dress and tons of flowers – by nature I am a minimalist person and care more about what that day really represents on an emotional level. Well at least we have more a less a year in mind and we do plan on checking out some venues, which I am so excited about I have my heart set on this beautiful place on the beach which would make for a beautiful setting.

And then there are the thoughts of just completely taking a back seat and some time out from blogging which has invaded my thoughts. I have been blogging for three and a half years and just feel like the blogging industry mainly in South Africa is just not the kind of industry I have envied. With so much drama, fakers out there it has become a struggle to keep up and stay true to who I am. It feels as if my blog does not get recognized by others, I just feel like with all the hard work I have been putting it I am just not noticed as I would like. But, I have decided to push through all the drama and just work harder in growing my brand. No one said being a South African beauty blogger would be easy…

Blogging has become a choice of living for me and I can’t imagine a life not being able to share my thoughts online, no matter all of the hate happening all around me. I might take some time away and gather my thoughts and figure out where I want to take Beautycandyloves next whether it’s a total rebrand or name change I have yet to decide, but for now, I will still be sharing content I love. I could probably ramble on and on, but I think I will keep that for the next Let’s Chat post.