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Online Dating has become a dating method for many busy women these days. Let’s be real gone are the days of meeting prince charming in a club or at the bar. The chances of actually finding a decent guy hanging out in these shit hole places are slim.

Many of you may not know that I actually met my fiancé on an online dating site. Online dating has become an easier way or meeting potentials without having to go to a noisy club or having your friends hooking you up with bad matches.

Yes, you are going to probably come across a whole lot of creeps – but you will also find a decent guy who probably doesn’t do the bar scene or is just to busy to meet women. I was extremely lucky , and I know many other women who actually met their husbands on line so there are many successful stories out there.You are just going to have to be patient the right person will come a long.

Here are some tips that might help you with online dating

Be careful – it’s important to be really careful ladies, you might come across shady AF guys, so make sure to not share your personal information.

Meet In Public Place – One of the most  important rules is to meet the guy in a public area, where there’s a lot of people, like a mall or café – also you might just want a friend to tag along and shit from a far just in case!

Pictures Are Not Always True – Another point to make is that pictures don’t always capture the truth, guy might look good but he may not have a booming personality.

Don’t Always Believe The Profile – Most of the time what’s written in his profile is not always the entire truth, so look out for fakers.

These are many negative points, but you ladies just need to be really careful out there – trust your instinct one date might just lead to many more in my case it got me my soul mate.

If you have met your loved one on an online dating site then please feel free to share your story in the comment section below.


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