Life Lately March 2017

Beauty Candy Loves has been awefully quiet lately, for the last 3 weeks I have visited the doctors office more then I have for any other year. I’ve been so ill and have been struggling… All I want is to be my healthy, happy self again! 
Work has been a struggle, I first started feeling extremely tired an rub down, I visited the doctor and they ran a few blood test turns out I am actually severely anaemic! I have had problems with my iron levels before but nothing this extreme I had a few iron injections and could feel I was starting to get better. Turns out I actually need to go back and get my iron up again…

As I am writing this post with emense difficulty, I went to doctor again this time she diagnosed me with a few.. Another week off work, with strict orders to stay in bed… I have never been this ill before and mentally it’s taking its toll on me, I hate feeling so sick and defenseless I hate being sick! Especially with my birthday coming up the 1st April I want to be able to enjoy myself and not spend birthday in bed. I do hope the doctors are able to find the cause for my serverly low iron count and why my bone marrow is not creating fast enough red blood cells. All of this has got me stressed out… I will be posting less than usual until I am my healthy self again, I hope everyone is well I miss you all.


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