Life Lately | October 2016


It’s October guys! I am finding it hard to believe that this year is almost over…  October has been an extremely busy month for me I honestly I am struggling to cope to schedule posts and trying to manage with my ever growing work load at work as end of year is a very busy time for us getting things ready before people start going on leave.

This month I have also added doing my drivers learners test,  after months of begging Justin finally took me to the traffic department so that I could book my learners test.  I have done one before 3 years ago and because I just couldn’t get myself to get over my gear of driving my learners license expired.  For some of you guys drivers might come natural,  for me it’s a fear I’m dealing with and forcing myself just to get it done otherwise I never will. I want to be able to be more independent and not have to beg Justin to take me everywhere because i can’t drive. He works hard and is too tired to always be driving me so that has really been motivating me to just do it and get it over worth.  The chap part of it is that I have to study for this dumb test and I have to write it again.  I failed my learners test before and wrote it twice so I am really not keen on having to do the K53 test again.  So I have that test to write on the 28th of this month so fingers crossed that I ace this guys!

After then i have to start with driving lessons,  I have only tried to drive twice before and I totally freaked out! Luckily Justin’s mom will be teaching me how to drive i know people say it’s really easy but driving a manual car is tough! So helpfully I can get use to that and just feel comfortable behind the wheel. I could actually kick myself for waiting so long. I am really proud of myself though for forcing myself through this fear it really has stopped me for doing so many things. If you guys know of any good driving schools please let me know around milnerton area!

Other then trying to get my learners test I have also been extremely busy at work as usual more so the last few weeks, I have also been working some weekends which is never fun but has to get done. This all makes me stress! Because I don’t have the time to spend on writing posts and taking photos makes me really sad but once holiday season hits it will be better.  I might even need to work during Christmas and New Year though and take my annual leave only in January! Which makes me sad but you gotta do what you gotta do!


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