Life After Purchasing An Apple Laptop

Yes, I got myself an Apple laptop after many complaints I had with my iPhone I actually decided to purchase a MacBook Air second hand. I was in need of a new laptop as my older Lenovo laptop just wasn’t cutting it for me I wanted something that was portable and light making it easier for me to carry around and blog wherever I want.

I have never owned an Apple laptop before , but knew I wanted something as light as a MacBook Air. It does suck that I can’t connect my Samsung phone to my laptop, I do love how amazingly light this laptop is! I’ve heard many stories of people using their MacBook for years without any issues. I bought one second hand knowing the battery needed to be replaced which cost so much to replace but still way cheaper then having to actually buy a brand new laptop. I have since in the last few months of having this laptop crashed because it couldn’t handle Photoshop which honestly really bums me out. Not like I know how to use Photoshop and know their are plenty of other editing software out there that are web based. I finally have my laptop the way I want it and am happy I bought it even though it cost mea bit to fix up.

It really is way cheaper then a brand new good laptop which I can’t afford especially a brand new I5 processor. Hopefully this lasts me a good few years more, I have to admit I have really been enjoying how simple it is and the fact that I don’t have to update and scan my laptop for viruses all the time which was such a pain with Windows laptops. I personally do think it comes down to personal choice and it you can’t afford one it’s not end of the world I do feel that MacBooks are over priced and you can definitely get an amazing Ultrabook for a few thousand cheaper.


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