Life Update | August 2016

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So I’ve been MIA for more then a week now and I have come back with a life update post,to explain where the hell I’ve been and in case any of you guys wondered what happened to me because of me being so quiet.

My boyfriend and I was meant to go on a great trip and we did spent a night in Montagu and then  2 nights in George at the Oubaai Hotel which is this breathtaking hotel on a golf course.

The first two days were amazing and I will separately be sharing my experience at the Oubaai Hotel in a post seeing as it is a 5 star hotel. My amazing boyfriend surprised me with this getaway and I was so excited to go no matter the 5 hour drive just to get there we haven’t gone away on a romantic weekend in a year so we really wanted to just go away together before the busy season starts at work and we getting everything done for the holidays.

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Monday night which was the last night we spend in George I got really ill after meeting my friend Lizna who I met on the Internet and is also a blogger for a few years we have been friends but never met in person- I finally got to see her and it was just amazing my heart filled with so much happiness , no awkwardness we just spoke as two really good friends that have hanged out so many times before. Although I was already starting to feel weird sweats breaking out, mood shifted and my throat started to hurt really bad.

When we got back to the hotel I officially got ill started a fever and cheat pains all I wanted to do is curl up under a blanket and lay there. It turned out I contracted some flu strain I have had flu before but never this bad my body aches so bad, fever makes you sweat so much and the coughing and lack of appetite is enough to make anyone just wants to puke YIP I got nausea too.  Not to mentioned the long drive ahead of us about 5 hours back to Cape Town to be honest I don’t know how Justin was able to bring us home safely he was sick himself, I am just so upset that we didn’t get to enjoy our last day, this hotel is expensive and I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as we really wanted to.

Anyway with me being bedridden this is why I have been away from blogging to try and get better thus virus destroyed me physically and mentally I’ve cried so many nights just wanting it to be over and not have this pain anymore being always happy person being sick like this can really break you down.


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