Life Update: Life After Getting Married

Life Update Life After Getting Married - 01

I haven’t done one of these for some time now. It is about time I give you guys a Life Update post, so much has been happening and I am just so excited to share them all with you. If you interested at all this is my Life Update: Life After Getting Married.

Being a wife is something I am still getting used to, it honestly is the best thing to have to happen to me so far…

I have been so unlucky in love, I tell Justin all the time that his my White Knight because he truly saved me. I wasn’t in a used place before Justin came into my life and maybe one day I will open up about it.

It’s been a few weeks since the wedding and things are happening and happening fast. We still, have so much admin to sort out like changing my name and bank accounts. I am sadly still waiting for our shitty South African government to process our marriage certificate. I guess that’s expected in a third world country…

Once the marriage certificate is captured. I can then only apply for my new Identity Document and Passport. Once those are done I need to update all my accounts which are a used if you ask me.

Married life has been amazing. Honestly, nothing has changed with our relationship. The security of knowing his my husband feels amazing that’s Being called wife gives me all the feels and butterflies makes me giggle government he does.

We’re Moving!

I also get to share with you guys that Justin and I are MOVING! Ah, I can’t begin to express how extremely excited we are. To finally be moving into our own place. A place we get to call home. We have been living with his dad which hasn’t been the best. But, with the cost of housing and living expenses in Cape Town is insane! We needed the time to save up.

We started from scratch having to purchase everything from a spoon to a fridge. All of these costs add up to thousands of rands (rand being certificate currently in South Africa). For those of you who do own a home or even renting. You would know he can’t expense things can be. Food costs alone are enough to make me cry. Anyway, we only found out while on honeymoon. We can move in and every day since we have been buying things we need. It has been exciting to choose everything from the couch to what appliances I want.

The last few weeks has been the best for both of us and I can’t wait to show you guys our place. I might just do an empty house tour and then once our updates have been done and all furniture comes I can show you guys the end result.

Expect More Home Related Content

By the way, we are moving in the first week of November! So I might be a bit quiet on social media, but I will be sharing tons of updates on Instagram where I am active the most.


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