Life update!

Life Update

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing well I thought I would chat with you guys and share a life update , I haven’t had much time to have a good old fat chat with you all and catch up on what’s been happening with me personally other then what you guys see on my blog.

Work : Life has been a bit all over the place lately I am still extremely busy with my day job which has really taken most of my time I don’t have as much time as I had with blogging and catching up with you all, also because the weather has changed so much these last few weeks the sun has been setting earlier which makes me upset because this is the only time I get to take any product shots for the blog.  So I’m seriously going to have to think of alternative ways to get my photography done especially on these gloomy days.

Personal Life : My personal life is just amazing my boyfriend treats me really well like he always does and we have talking a lot about our future and our plans for  the next few years which I’m excited about! We don’t live together but definitely plan to soon.  I think it’s important for us to grow as individuals and to spend the time establishing our careers before the next step we take and we both are happy with that and that’s all that matters.

Health : I haven’t been feeling too well ever since Autumn said hello I’m not taking the time to recover and it shows during the past month I have been sick twice usually it passes over a few days but I can tell my body is so exhausted by the weekend and all I want to do is sleep at the moment I’m battling the flu as I write this I am in bed feeling like someone punch me 1000 times in the face, luckily I got off work to get better but have to be back tomorrow again.   Other then that I think I’m fine, just battling with some weight insecurities that has been taking its toll on me emotionally I’ve went up by 2 jeans sizes in two months and it really has taken a blow on my self esteemed I know I’m the only one to blame but I am just not motivated at all and it makes me depressed… Anyways a post for another day.

Blogging : As mentioned I have been struggling with blog photos but also my blogging schedule has been all over the show, for someone who likes to keep a schedule and have things done a specific way its been horrible, having a full time job is not a joke! I will just need to work around and put lfe first when need be.

What have you guys been up to lately? We have been trying to stay home but do visit friends, the mall and just catching up to some movies and series which is my favourite thing to do during these colder days we have been obsessed with watching Bones and just recently got up to date which everything which makes me sad!


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