Welcome Lilly – 3 Week Update

If you guys didn’t know Justin and I have welcome a Toy Pomeranian puppy into our family. If you haven’t seen that post then read all about how we got her here.

Since then it has been pretty challenging having a puppy, Lilly is currently 9 weeks old and is due for her second vaccination at the end of the month. She has been adjusting in her new home and is so playful, but mainly she started teething and has been biting everything and everyone. I have the scars to prove it, Lilly has been biting me non stop I know she can’t help it but her teeth are so sharp it honestly hurts.

We also have two cats at home and both of them haven’t been too welcoming, so we have had our eyes closely watching them and having to keep Lilly separate from them at all times. Our poor girl has also gotten settled at home which is quite surprising that you got use to us this quickly.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been so kind and Lilly got a new bed which she just adores, I am also trying to introduce Hill’s food to her and she how she adjusts.

Because Lilly does have fluffy thick fur she snuggles a bit with the hot weather we have been having, luckily we have an aircon which she loves, she also loves the wooden flooring which helps her cool down. I am happy that she is coping really well, we still can’t take her outside though until January next year until she gets all her vaccinations sorted. I am really excited to get her to the vet to make sure everything is going well. I am really worried about her teething. Lilly is the first dog I have had so I am not sure if the biting is normal.

It has been quite an adjustment having a puppy, but she brings so much joy to our life, having to play with her everyday is so much fun.

I will probably be sharing so much about Lilly especially with her vaccinations coming up, hopefully sharing my experience as a first time puppy owner will help anyone else who is thinking about having a dog too.


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