Lilly Update 10 Months Old

Lilly Update 10 Months Old -1

An update on Lilly had been long overdue! If you are new to my blog then let me bring you up to speed. My fiancé and I got a Pomeranian puppy about 7 months ago and this will be a Lilly Update 10 Months Old as she’s currently 10 Months old!

First of all, where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday we got Lilly and now she’s all grown up! I feel like a proud mama sending her child off to school…

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If you missed previous blog posts about my child then definitely catch up on those posts; Welcome Lilly and 3 Week Update On Lilly.

I am fairly surprised that I have not created more content on my precious Pomeranian puppy, however, see tons of photos I post on my Instagram Feed.

Lilly Update 10 Months Old -2

We got Lilly from a breeder about 7 months ago! She is now 10 months old and it has been a challenging few months. Lilly has settled in quite well, Justin and I do have adult cats and they haven’t been around dogs. Lilly has only been with her siblings and parents for a few weeks before we got her so being with other animals is something new to her. She controls those poor cats so much, we have been thinking of getting Lilly another sibling just so that she has another dog around and those cats are so old bless them, they don’t want to play with her. Lilly is way too energetic and wants to play 24/7.

We do need to send Lilly to doggy school, she is so scared of other dogs. Funny her she dominates the cats, but when putting her with other dogs she shivers and cries. We have been wanting to take her to doggy school so that she knows how to interact with other dogs. It is rather expensive and with the wedding just over 2 months that has not been a priority for us.

Lilly has definitely been the centre of our lives, I honestly can’t imagine life before her. She is just the cutest yet, deadliest child! She still bites the living crap out of me, I thought by now her teething would stop and she would stop biting my ankles. I have noticed that its something she only does with me, she doesn’t dare to bite her father(Justin) like that. Maybe it’s because he is a male? Or because she knows I am putty in her cute paws.

Lilly has grown so much, I have been looking through some photos when we just got her and I can’t believe how much she’s grown. She definitely won’t grow anymore, she’s a small breed dog which is great! 

I could babble all day about my daughter, let’s save some talk for next update post! We are planning on getting her spayed after the next few months so I do plan on sharing that experience with you guys.



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