How To Line And Curl Eyelashes In One Easy Step

When you are pressed for time and in a rush to get to work or you are running late for an event or you are just simply feeling lazy.Why not learn how to line and curl eyelashes in one easy step to help save you time.

I came across a really cool beauty hack that allows you to be able to line and curl your lashes in one easy step. Let’s face it doing makeup can be a real drag sometimes and I’m not always in the mood to do it but I also do want took presentable and not look like someone who’s ill.

While strolling through Pinterest I found a really cool beauty hack which I think you guys will like. I tested it out myself and I’m pretty impressed with how well it works, it saves me time doing my liner.

Step 1 : Use desired eye pencil shade mine is usually black,  glide pencil on both blades of your eyelash curler.

Step 2 : Curl lashes! Voila you will notice that liner transfers to your eyelids and you’ve created an easy liner whilst curling your lashes.

There you go an extremely simple why on how to line and curl your eyelashes in one easy step – I just thought you guys would find this super useful! Let me know if there’s any beauty tips you guys can recommend me to try as well, I just love a good beauty hack they can be really useful in everyday life.


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