Lip Caring Tips


Ever since I can remember I have always suffered from dried out , cracked lips. For some reason my lips always looked crusty no matter what season it was, all year round. I thought I would share with you guys my lip caring tips I follow.

Thinking back, I can kick myself for not taking better care of my lips and infact knowing on how to care for my lips. A part of the body I often lack in caring for I have always had that terrible habit of biting and licking my lips – which thankfully I now do less of.

Drink Water : Number 1 tip I can give you guys is to try and drink more water, this has done wonders for me. The reason why my lips were always so dry is because I lacked hydration. Once I started drinking more water I found myself licking my lips a whole lot less.

Exfoliate Those Lips: Another life changing step for the caring of my lips has been using a lip scrub! Exfoliating all of the dead skin left my lips feeling a lot softer and nourished. For an easy DIY on how to create a lip scrub with ingredients you can find in your home I suggest you  guys have a read here.

Keep Your Lips Nourished: Use a good ‘ol lip balm… Every night I have gotten into the habit of using a trustee lip balm or even vaseline. This kept my lips from looking crusty and flaked out in the morning.

So for  achieving soft lips I would definitely recommend you guys try these steps, and if you have any other tips for lip care then please let me know I am always open to try new things.


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