Living With Eczema

Living With Eczema -1

It’s been 28 years of living with Eczema, my struggle with this skin disease has been brutal. It’s a Saturday night while I am writing this post and I finally have the courage to tell my story.

I have always wanted to tell my story, but of course, I feel ashamed and embarrassed about my struggles. I was inspired to share my story when I read Fatima From Fatima Writes Story.

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A life-long struggle

Ever since I could remember I battled with chronic eczema, it’s a disease that’s confused my life and has given me lots of heartaches.

No one else in my family suffers from eczema, I was the unfortunate one who had to deal with numerous hospital visits, ointment testing and so much heartache.

Kids can be cruel so imagine a young girl with a skin disorder being bullied for not looking like everyone else. When I was 10 a remember being in the hospital for a few weeks, doctors tested so many products and nothing seemed to work. They bathed me in special crystals, the water would burn my skin… It was so bad that I had to sleep with bandages which was given to burnt victims because my skin was raw and open..

This has been a life long battle of mine, A story I didn’t want to share because I am too scared to be judged. In some ways, I still feel like that little girl who has been bullied all her life. Till this day I still feel conscious of my body because of all the scaring. I am lucky that I have mostly outgrown eczema. It’s not nearly as bad as its been since my primary and high school days.

I’ve Outgrown it…

For the rest of my life, I will need to use steroid creams to help control the flare-ups. I hope in some way my story will help others.  It took me so long to find a product that could help me. It’s important to get to a doctor that specialises in this field. I was unfortunate to have come from an underprivileged background which meant I didn’t have access to the right doctors. Who could’ve potentially helped me with it.

Now 28 years old and I am still trying not to think about how my skin looks. Summer’s are usually the worst for me the sweat and heat make me breakout and rash everywhere. Which is why I try to stay indoors as much as possible.


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