​How Long Should I Keep My Makeup?


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I had no idea that all makeup actually had a shelf life. I’ve always thought that I could keep and use my makeup until they were used up – but oh boy was I wrong…

Makeup actually do have expiry dates on them and because of bacteria formulating it’s best to try and stick to those expiry dates.

So if you often asked yourself ​​- How Long Should I Keep My Makeup? Well I’ve got you covered ladies! Different makeup products have different life spans, I made a list of how long experts advise us to keep using these beauty products.


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These are one of the products which has the shortest shelf lives, it’s suggest to use then for 3 months before getting rid of them. I am definitely guilty of clinging onto my favourite mascara for its dear life and using every product in that tube.


Any cream bases foundation should be kept for 6 -12 months, because they contain oil this tends to make you bream out easier. Powder foundations can be used for about 2 years!


Lipsticks can be used for up to 2 years, you can also test whether they have gone bad by noticing if they have gone dry – this is a sign that they are off and can’t be used.


For lipglosses they can only be kept for 1 year because of the rube that you are constantly taking out product and putting it back in, bacteria easily breeds.. Once your Lipgloss becomes really sticky this is also a sign that that’s gone bad.


Any powder eyeshadow can be used for up to 2 years and for cream eyeshadow it’s suggested to last for 1 – 1 and half years.

Blushes and Bronzer

Again it seems that powder products can be used longer… 2 years for powdered blushes and bronzer and cream blushes and bronzer only lasts for one year.


Concealers can be used for about a year before they expire, I have noticed mine got really clumpy.

Nail polish

Nail polishes expire after 2 years of using them.. These are definitely one of the products I never thought would have an expiration date on them.

This makes me second guess using so many different products at once, with makeup having expiration dates I think I’m going to stick to finishing one product before moving on to another. To me the most shocking has got to be my mascara I never thought I’d need to get a new one just after 3 months of using one…


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