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I am unusually hairy, probably a wolverine in a previous life. Okay maybe I am over exaggerating … My body hair regrowths really fast to a point where in Summer when I know I will be wearing dresses and shorts I need to shave every day. Loving Touch a personal care brand sent over some of their products for me to try out.

This couldn’t come at a better time! I just threw away my last razor. Because of the constant shaving m skin tend to get bumps so I am really careful with products that irritate those bumps especially on my legs.

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As mentioned Loving Touch sent me a few of their personal care products;

Loving Touch Sensitive Shave Gel | Enriched with Olive extract to nourish and protect the skin as you shave. It foams to a rich creamy lather that leaves skin smooth and silky soft.

How To Use: Wet skin with warm water, smooth the gel over your skin until it foams. Shave as usual. Rinse with water after shaving.

Loving Touch Glam Disposable Razors | These have a triple titanium blade swivel head. The lubricating strip with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera helps moisturise and nourish.

Loving Touch Allure Razor | Allure for women, a sensational experience in silky smooth shaving. Its advanced feminine design gives you smooth, exceptionally close and comfortable shave every time. Soothing Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip that reduces irrational and moisturises for ultra-soft skin. I was also sent a pack with 3 extra blade cartridges.

Loving Touch has put together the intimate feminine care collection to make shaving easier and not having to deal with those terrible nicks and cuts. Yeah, I have had so many accidents to the point where I have scarring. Now shaving can be a  joy and not a chore.  You can find Loving Touch products available at Clicks stores.

Have you tried Loving Touch products before?
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Disclaimer: Products in this post might have been sent to me for PR, all opinions shared are my honest thoughts.

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