Lush Christmas Collection

Lush is known to have some pretty awesome collections launching all year round no matter what holidays we are experiencing.

Who doesn’t love lush?? Whenever I visit Canal Walk I have to make sure I visit Lush to see all the new products they launching most of the time I get so overwhelmed with not knowing what to get because lets face it everything looks and smells amazing but sadly my purse just won’t allow for many Lush purchases, well Lush is not the cheapest of places. However if you want to spoil yourself with something “lush” or you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone that Lush is definitely a store to visit.

Here are some really cool Lush Christmas Collection products, if you do plan on getting anything festive.


1 – Autumn Leaf  (bath bomb)

2 – 12 days of Christmas (gift box)

3 – Jester (bubble bar)

4 – Luxury Lush Put (bath bomb)

5 – Baked Alaska (soap)

6 – Butter Bear (bath bomb)

7 – Father Christmas (bath bomb)


8 – Peeping Santa (bubble bar)

9 – Santa’s Belly (shower jelly)

10 – Rudy (gift box)

11 – Golden Wonder Ballistic (bath bomb)

12 – Magic Wand (reusable bubble bar)

These are just some of their Christmas Collection there’s so many others would be one long post if I have to mention them all.


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