Makeup Revolution Launches In South Africa

Makeup Revolution Launches In South Africa -1

The title already gave it away! South African beauty enthusiasts were blessed with the amazing beauty news to shock our core. Makeup Revolution Launches in South Africa! You read that right!

This is probably one of the most exciting news to ever hit South Africa and the South African beauty community. Makeup Revolution will be available in Clicks stores this September!

My Instagram feed has been blowing up with this news. By the time this blog post goes live Makeup Revolution will already be in some Clicks stores.

Makeup Revolution Finally Available In South African Clicks Stores From End September 2018

Their rollout has officially begun and you can already see Clicks preparing for the products to launch in store.

I hope that I will be able to get my hands on all the popular products I have been dying to purchase. No more having to ship your favourite brand anymore!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am about this guys! Makeup Revolution has been a brand I have adored. I only made one online purchase a few years back and have been wanting to purchase more for a while. But, shipping has always been the number one factor when it comes to purchasing more of their products. No more! Now, I can get my hands on them easier.

I hope that Clicks will make Makeup Revolution products available for purchasing online too! I know many of their products will be sold out so fast! Expect rollouts to commence right up until November. Some store will start stocking them by the end of September! I hope my nearest Clicks stores will stock them soon! I also hope that the shade selection will also be as diverse as the Makeup Revolution website.

Be sure to keep your eyes on my social media accounts because I will definitely be letting you guys know as soon as I spot them and products I was able to find in store.

For more details, you can follow Makeup Revolution South Africa on Instagram too.

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