Mavala Res Q Me Kit

Mavala Res Q Me Kit -1Mavala is a brand I’ve just recently fallen in love with! I was sent the Mavala Res Q Me Kit for post artificial and gel nails to help take care of my nails.

We all know how artificial nails can damage the nails, the glue can be harsh on my nails. I do have rather weak nails so try I try and not use artificial nails often as they are very damaging to my nails.

Mavala Res Q Me Kit -2

Mavala launched a three different Mavala Res Q Me Kit’s to target specific nail concerns.

Hard, Dry Cuticles

Anti- Nail Biting

Post Artificial/ Gel NailsMavala Res Q Me Kit -3

All of these kits are available at Dischem the post artificial and gel nails res q me kit retails for R345. The kit contains nail Shield, cuticle oil, nail hardener and scientifique 


This kit has worked so well for me, in making my nails look healthier and break less. Is it worth the price tag? If you use artificial nails often then its definitely an investment worth making, post care is easier and my nails are generally just healthier after use. 


This is such a brilliant idea from Mavala, to create these kits to help all us ladies strive for healthier nails. With the wedding in just a few weeks, I want to look my best, so I have been using this kit to help bring my nails to what they once to be strong and healthy.


Have you guys used the Mavala Res Q Me kits before? What were your thoughts about them? Let me know in the comment below, I love hearing from you guys. As mentioned you can find these products at your nearest Dischem store or for more information about these Mavala Res Q Me Kit’s you can check out the Dischem website here or the Mavala facebook page.


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