Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette

Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette -1

I’ve had the Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette for a while now. I’ve posted a few photos on this palette on Instagram and so many of you ladies had mixed reviews about it. I’m here to share my two cents about it too.

Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette features 12 vibrant, pigmented eyeshadows in a mix of matte and shimmer shades. Create any look with these citrus scent infused colours.

A palette that consists of wearable neutrals and bold splashes of colour. A fresh take on the classic palette, these pigmented shades offer endless possibilities. Softer hues to highlight, darker shades to amplify and define, and bright pops of citrus, inspired colours to make your eyes pop!

First of all, I’ve noticed a difference in packaging compared to other countries, not quite sure why Maybelline changed up the square packaged palette that other countries have then the rectangle shade I received.

The idea of this palette is brilliant, the shades are fun and whimsical and it’s just a great effort from Maybelline to bring us a lemonade themed palette this Summer.

I’ve used other Maybelline eyeshadow palettes before like the Maybelline The Nudes palette. Which has been my daily palette to reach for. Although I really love the shade combinations in this palette, I have a few issues with it which I will touch on.

Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette -2
Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette -3
The shades 

Old Fashioned – dark Brown matte

Strawberry Lemonade – light pink shimmer

Citrus – light pink shimmer 

Sherbet – another variant of a pink peachy matte

Sugar Coated – copper shimmer

Lemonade Craze – deep yellow matte

Ice pop – dark pink matte

Berry Ice – very light pink matte

Sweet Tea – light brown matte

Main Squeeze – pale gold shimmer

Coral Punch – intense coral matte

Sunnies – pale yellow almost white matte

Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette -4

What I love…

There’s a lot to love, it’s definitely going to be a personal decision whether you guys think the palette is worth splurging over. Some of these shades are pure magic, they are smooth and blend well. The price point is not too bad costing around R290 at Clicks. This palette has this really lovely scent. The shimmers are definitely the star of the show for me, they so vibrant and smooth. Sugar coated and Strawberry Lemonade are my favourite shades in this palette!

What I disliked…

The mattes where a disappoint, they are powdery – the lighter ones would sadly not show up on my skin, which honestly sucks and really brings down this palette, as the shimmers are so lovely. I also experienced some fallout with the mattes, but nothing that would put me off from it.

Hit Or Miss?

The shimmers are so beautiful and for me personally, that would be a good enough reason for me to buy it. I hope that Maybelline recreates this palette and focus more on perfecting the mattes. Especially considering that we need those to blend the shades into the crease. 



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