Meet Muggles Our New Puppy

Meet Muggles Our New Puppy -1

Surprise! Meet Muggles Our New Puppy! For the longest time my husband and I have been wanting to get a pug.

We love Lilly! Pugs and Pomeranians has always been our dream dogs that we wanted. We finally feel that our family is now full. Well our furry babies of course!!

Muggles was a decision we made at a wim. We were looking at getting a pug a year ago and always struggled with finding one that needed a home. So when we saw the ad we immediately wanted to visit the puppies and of course like all animals Muggles choose us. Well, he still Justin’s heart and it was his choice this time round to choose our furry baby.

Meet Muggles Our New Puppy -2
Why the name Muggles?

Well, a year ago, when we were looking at adopting a dog we always wanted two pugs names Puggles and Muggles! We both are Harry Potter geeks and we just loved how these names sounded. Because I named Lilly it was the husbands’ turn to name our pup.

A week after meeting Muggles we got him, on the exact day we moved we I might add. Muggles is the cutest, his a very relaxed and well-behaved puppy.

How is Lilly adapting to this?

She is actually super jealous and scared of little Muggles who is only 6 weeks old! I am sure with time she will feel more comfortable at the moment she sits in the corner and runs away from him when he tried to play with her.

I am easing back into blogging. These last few weeks has been really challenging. I am however, super excited to get back into a routine of things and enjoying married life in our new home. It finally feels like life has settled and I couldn’t be happier right now.


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