Mini The Body Shop Haul

Mini The Body Shop Haul _00

From this month I will be going on another spending ban, yip another! I can’t even tell you guys how many of these spending bans I have been it usually lasts a good few months before I give in to my urges. From August I will be going on another spending ban and this time Justin will be monitoring my every move or should I say every cent I spend. So that I can pay all my debt and save money for our wedding.

Today I am sharing one of the lasts hauls you guys will be seeing in a long while. I purchased a few weeks ago some The Body Shop items, which I though I would share – here is a Mini The Body Shop Haul.

As mentioned this will probably be the last haul I will be sharing with you guys for a really long time. A wedding is not cheap so I have to make sure all my debt is cleared before I start saving my ass off. Luckily Justin being very good when it comes to saving.

Anyway, back to The Body Shop! I picked up another three items from The Body Shop – I took advantage of the buy 3 and pay for 2 end of season promotion they had up until the end of July. I loved the Piñita Colada Body Butter so much I bought more items in the range – you can read my review on the Piñita Colada Body Butter here.

I mainly purchased another Piñita Colada Body Butter, this is a limited-edition range so I wanted to make sure I had another saved for a raining day – Just in case The Body Shop decides to not stock them anymore. I also picked up the Piñita Colada Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub , I actually haven’t tried any of The Body Shop’s cream exfoliating scrubs before – so I am really excited about trying these. The last item I then purchased was The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter, I have not used this one before so again really amped about this one too.

So there you have it guys – I wasn’t joking when I said a mini haul. Have you guys used any of these before? Let me know what your thoughts were in the comment section below, I always enjoy reading what you guys think.


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