Mini-Me Personalised Lego

Mini Me -1

I was lucky to be sent a personalised lego gift from local brand Mini-Me! I can not contain my excitement with these really cool Mini-Me Personalised Legos!

Mini Me is an online gifting service that provides the coolest personalised legos that you can put together yourself.

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I was so thrilled being able to browse their website and choose everything online. From what head to leg I wanted for my legos. What’s even cooler is that you also get to chose your pet! I know that Justin is really obsessed with having desk ornaments and with him starting a new job I knew that having this family on his desk would be a really cool idea.

Scrolling through the website is a dream, there are just so many things to chose on the website and the prices are really affordable. What makes it great is the fact that you can also personalise the stand’s wording like I did. Possibilities are endless with Mini-Me. You can also create really cool Marvel characters and shop their present gifts.

Shipping was super fast, I honestly didn’t expect these to be delivered this quickly! It took about 3 days from day or order to it arriving at my home. By the time I got home Justin already opened these legos and claimed them for himself! If you are on the hunt for a really awesome personalised gift for birthdays or anniversaries I would highlight recommend you try Mini-Me. Justin is super thrilled and I am sure you will be too…


If you are looking for a gift that is different for your loved one then definitely check out Mini-Me! I am so thrilled with how these lego’s look they are just the perfect desk accessory and will put a smile on your face.


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