Mr. Price Scarlet Hill Contour & Glow Palette

By now everyone and their mother has heard that Mr. Price launched their first-ever beauty line called the Mr. Price Scarlet Hill line! This range is perfect for the everyday consumer. The Scarlet Hill beauty line up it’s super affordable and so beautiful to look at. I managed to only pick up one item the Mr. Price Scarlet Hill Contour & Glow Palette in Medium and I have some opinions about it.

I was so thrilled that Mr. Price finally launched some beauty products. Their products look stunning but are they worth purchasing. A question I have asked myself too. I decided to only pick up one item that attracted me the most which are the Contour & Glow Palette.

The Contour & Glow Palette consists of four shades. I picked up the shade in Medium, Mr. Price also has two other shade combinations available in Light and Dark.

Contour & Glow Palette Shades

Terracotta Blush – Beach Baked
Matte Deep Brown Bronzer – Out All Day
Peach Glitter Highlighter – Glowcano
Brown Glitter Bronzer – Slaycation

I love the gold glitter packaging with pink cardboard, it doesn’t feel premium however this only retail for R79.99. Which is a steal! I found the shades to be quite pigmented, they also blended nicely. This is such a lovely contour palette and I am rather impressed with how well the shades blended and look on my skin. I did experience a tiny bit of fall out when swirling my brush in the palette pan, but nothing that alarms me or puts me off.

If you are looking for a decent contour palette on a budget, then I would highly recommend you guys try this out. I do plan on purchasing more of the Scarlet Hill products and will let you guys know if these products are worth purchasing too.



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