My Essence Must haves (Nails Edition)

 My Essence Must haves (Nails Edition_01
When it comes to applying my nail polish I am no pro okay I’m going to keep it real I pretty much suck! I have zero patience and honestly can’t wait 20 or so minutes for nail polish to dry Oh and even applying it just on my nails seems to be a task. Here are my My Essence Must haves (Nails Edition).
I have been obsessed with the gel look,it just has this super fancy finish and looks like I used expensive nail polish to create it. I was sent some nail goodies from Essence a few weeks ago and from the new products that was launched was the Gel base and top coat and I also bought these quick dry drops from Dischem.
 My Essence Must haves (Nails Edition)_02
Let’s get to talking about these life changing products… Firstly the base and top coat (R47.95 each) is amazing!!! I have become addicted to using these everything I apply my nail polish,  you can use any nail polish with these and they will all have the perfect gel finish. It also preserves nail polish that would usually start to chip the very next day (so sad) but with these it lasts four or five days before my nails start to chip,which is pretty damn brilliant if you ask me. I always seem to struggled to find nail polishes that last on my nails… Ain’t nobody got time for chipped nails and I simply don’t have the time to reapply nail polish twice a week.
My Essence Must haves (Nails Edition)_03
Another must have has got to be these incredible Essence quick dry drops (R38.95), these have seriously changed my life and allows me to have dry nails within a minute!!! Amazing right?? I saw it when I went to the pharmacy and of course I have to visit the Essence stand and thought I would give it a dry it sounded promising and Oh man! These are my holy grail and I can’t praise it enough thank you Essence!I apply one drop on each nail after applying my top coat and viola my nails are dry within seconds and I’m ready to go.. No smudging,no linen lines just gorgeous  finish.. Beware though after affecting the drops it gets a bit oily but that’s really a minor issue. What also astonishes me is how affordable these are I hate spending a lot of money on Beauty products and if you on a budget like I am these are definitely worth buying – If you want to create the perfect mani and not wait for a long time to dry then I definitely recommend you try these and if you have please let me know what you guys thought.

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