My Experience With Brazilian Hair Treatment

I have always battled with my hair, because of how thick my hair is. It’s never quite looked the way I want it to… After a few recommendations, I caved and decided to go ahead with the Brazilian Treatment. So this is My Experience With Brazilian Hair Treatment I did.

I had no idea that the Brazilian Treatment was the answer to my hair prayers.  I have always felt discouraged with the state of my hair. Having to straighten my hair every day, damaged my hair…

The process took about 2 and a half hours.

The Process

Firstly, the hair stylist had my hair washed and they put a basin treatment on my hair which I had to keep on for about 10 minutes. The hair stylist then added the Brazilian treatment to my hair, which was a really strong scent. The hairstylist ten blowdried and straighten the treatment into my hair. I had to then wash off the Brazilian treatment and then she only had to blowdry my hair and the results were amazing.

My Experience With Brazilian Hair Treatment before
My Experience With Brazilian Hair Treatment after

The fumes when putting on the product can be really bad, if you suffer from asthma it could be problematic, I had to wear a mask.

The results though were all worth it! My hair looks and feels the best it ever has. It is a really pricey treatment luckily SkinPHD had a really great discount. The hairstylist also burnt my face a bit, the brush went against my face… Besides being burnt I am so happy with the results. The process lasts about 3 months according to the hair stylist. Which means I would need to go again in 3 months which is a long time. My hair routine will take a lot less time, I will need to only be using Sulphate Free hair products.

I would love to know if you guys have had a Brazilian treatment done as well? Would love to know what your experience was.


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