My Hopes For 2016

My Hopes For 2016

Happy New Year guys! It’s been a few days since 2016 has started and oh boy has so much happened already. For those of you who don’t know I have been taking a break from blogging for two weeks now and currently still am thags why I have been so quiet.

I rarely get time off my day job and wanted to do as much as I could to enjoy my holidays, like seeing friends and seeing sights my Town has to offer.

I’ve had so much fun, but this heat has been taking its toll on me so this week I will mostly be relaxing and getting my head focused on the upcoming start to my work week and getting back into blogging. 2015 has been a good year for me thankfully everyone I know is all well and doing good, there are many things in this new year I would like to improve on so I made a list of things that I hope 2016 allows me to do.

1 – Growing my blog and gaining more readers.

2 – Try to make more time to create better content and better photos.

3 – Try to make more friends.

4 – Better my relationship with my family and try and see them more.

5 – Exceed in my day job.

6 – Better my relationship with my boyfriend, just constantly making time for each other and work on making us stronger.

7 – Be more organized!

8 – Try to work through some personal challenges.

9 – Travel more…

10 – Pay off my debt! Also to learn how to control my spending and actually begin to save.

I think that’s all my hopes for 2016, there are quite alot of things I need to work on to better my blog and myself. Being a blogger can be really tough and many are not aware that it’s not sunshine and roses toy constantly have to evolve and we’ll change is good too and scary. I may not know what 2016 holds for me but I am excited to face it with the amazing love of my life.


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