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Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are doing well I can’t believe it’s the end of April – is it just me or is the months just flying by! I can definitely feel it getting chilly in Cape Town, but high means winter is on our door steps.. I for one is very happy, cuddling under the blankets, having hot chocolate while catching up to my favorite blogs and series sounds like heaven to me. Today I am sharing my My Top 5 Apps.


Enough of my rambling now, and let me get to the point of this post. I have been really getting into different apps lately, especially social media of course so that I can connect to all of you and some photo editing apps. So I thought hey why not do a top 5 Top Apps. I hope you guys find this post informative. Please also share with me your favorite apps I would love to try them out.


♥ VSO Cam

This is probably one of the most used editing app to use, that I’ve seen other bloggers use as well. It has really great filters to make any photo look amazing. My favorite to use it filter T1 and F2.

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♥ Square Ready
This one I only use for cropping my photos so that they can fit into Instagram. Don’t you just hste it when you trying to upload a photo to Instagram but it cuts out of some of the photo or your want to upload a full length photo, we’ll now you can with square ready it’s so easy and you don’t need to crop and save the photo first you can automatically upload it to Instagram.
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♥ IBooks
This app makes life so easy! It works as a kindle and I can easier download books I like and connect it to my iTunes and upload the book and viola I have a book I can read anywhere without having to carry around a separate book. I recently downloaded Girl Online from youtuber Zoella, I am only on cheaper four and loving it so far.
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♥ We Heart It
This is quite similar to Pinterest, a great place to find photos of latest fashion trends or beauty products, even some inspirational quotes. I love all the beauty products photos they are just gorgeous.
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♥ Every post
This app is great for scheduling your social media, I don’t have time to update my status or to share my latest blog post links, this app is amazing I get to schedule them on Facebook and Twitter without me having to actually go into the apps. I have a normal day job and can’t be seen on my phone during the day I can’t begin to stress how much this app has saved me.


I have so many more apps to share with you guys, feel free to let me know in the comments section if you have used any of the apps I’ve mentioned.



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