Nair Hair Removal Range

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It’s all about Argan Oil these days from hair products to skin care everything contains argon oil and to be honest I’m not surprised argan oil is just amazing especially if you have dry skin like I do it can be quite rough to battle the dryness. I love the fact that Nair incorporated Argan Oil in their latest hair removal range.

I received a press drop from Nair to test out and share my thoughts on the latest Nair products that launched in South Africa. The Nair Argan Oil range will be available in South Africa from April 2016, sold exclusively through Clicks.

The following variants will be available:

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream 200ml (RSP of R124.95)

Nair Argan Oil Upper Lip Kit 220ml (RSP of R94.95)

Nair Argan Oil Face Roll-on 15ml (RSP of 189.95)

Nair Argan Oil Facial Brush-On 50ml (RSP of R84.95)

Nair Argan Oil Bikini & Underarm Sensitive Glide-On 100ml (RSP of R89.95)

Nair Argan Oil Bikini Brush-On 60ml (RSP of R99.95)

Nair Argan Oil Washable Roll-On Wax (RSP of R279.95)

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I have been using some of these products for a few weeks and I can notice quite a difference in my skin after shaving.  I have rather stubborn hair and very dry skin, so I always try using oils when I shave to help hydrate my skin shaving tend to leave my skin really flaky and dry.  I have to shave so much because my regrowth is ridiculous! My favourites are the the Shower power cream which is great for when you are in a rush and don’t have the time to spend shaving, this removes hair fast and the argan oil it contains makes me legs silky smooth.  The roll on wax is also great I find this works just as well, with so many new products Nair launched you never have to worry about hairy legs this Winter.  I am definitely keen on trying the user lip kit, I’m not ashamed to say I do have dark hairs that are visible on my upper lip so I am constantly removing them probably two a month because the shit grows back fast.

If you are looking for hair removal products that doesn’t today out of skin and works well I definitely recommend you try the new Nair range I have not experienced any burning so far which is my number one concern when trying out hair removal products other then the usual shaver.



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