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Over the last few months, I have been seeing the brand Nikel Cosmetics pop up so many times on my feed. Other South African Beauty Bloggers has been raving about the quality and results given by Nikel Cosmetics Skincare products.

I was rather excited when the PR Team for Nikel Cosmetics reached out to me. Of late is have been really invested in my skincare routine, the older I get the more I’ve realised that taking care of my skin needs to be one of my priorities. To help me achieve good looking and healthy skin I need to invest in some amazing quality products.

Who is Nikel Cosmetics?

Nikel Cosmetics range, was established in 1995 by Master of Pharmacy, Ms Mirjana Brlečić. In the heart of beautiful Zagreb, Croatia. In 2004, her vision of having a natural, pharmaceutical cosmetic line came to life.

Nikel Cosmetics has won countless awards for its innovative formulas which include plant extracts and essential oils that work from the inside out. Improving the quality of the skin over a long-term basis. The Nikel Cosmetics range is suitable for all ages and caters for all different skin types, especially those with incredibly dry and sensitive skin. No products or ingredients are tested on animals.

I was sent two items to trial and share my opinions on. The Nikel Nutris Face Cream and the Nikel Cosmetics Cleansing Milk. I have been testing the last few weeks to see how these products have been working for me.

Nikel Nutris Face Cream R995

Herbal essences and oils make up the pharmaceutical formula of the Nikel nutris Face Cream. It is intensely nourishing with a rich texture. With key ingredients like jojoba oil, almond oil, Vitamin E and many other oils which helps to deliver a luxurious hydrating cream.

The consistency is quite thick and honestly, I have not come across a face cream that feels so hydrating. My skin feels plump and well hydrated, especially with it being Winter in South Africa. I find that my skin is usually uncomfortably dry, I have been so impressed, and I little do go a long way.

Nikel Cosmetics Cleansing Milk R479

The Nikel Cleansing Milk with Immortelle has a lightweight, no-rinse formula with a fresh, non-overpowering scent.

It works wonders when removing makeup as well as the dirt and other impurities accumulated on your skin throughout the day. After cleansing with the Nikel Cleansing Milk, your skin will feels soft and thoroughly cleansed rather than tight and dry as it’s alcohol and mineral oil-free.

The Cleansing Milk is gentle on the skin and makes my skin feel really hydrated after use. I have noticed that many other cleansers tend to strip the moisture from my skin. Which left that uncomfortably dry feeling after use. This cleansing milk cleanser contains shea butter, almond oil and many other ingredients like Chamomile.

This combo is definitely my Winter Skincare Dream Team, they have been working wonders for the last few weeks. I am super impressed with this brand, the quality is incredible, it’s definitely high street skincare at its best. Not to mention how sleek and stunning the packaging is, you can tell that the Nikel Cosmetics Team has really but all energy in creating skincare products that their consumers will enjoy.

Where to buy Nikel Cosmetics Products?


Beauty Worx

Best Beauty Buys

The Beautiful Store

Absolute Skin

Organic Living


For more information about Nikel Cosmetics visit their website here. If you have tried their products before. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.


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