One Year With IPhone​ 8Plus

It’s basically been One Year With iPhone 8Plus and I thought I would share an update on my phone. I purchased the iPhone 8Plus in December 2017, my contract was due for an upgrade and I decided to rather go with the 8Plus then the iPhone X as this was a new concept from Apple.

I always wanted a phone with a bigger screen, personally I like I gravitated more to the 8Plus then the iPhone X.

How Has It Performed After One Year Of Use?

I can honestly say that my phone was as good as the day I purchased it. The processor is fast and usually after months of use I notice my phone starts lagging. My iPhone 8Plus works really well and I can honestly not fault it over performance. The camera is also really good, I particularly love the Portrait Mode and have been using my phone for all my blog content. I find it easier to take and edit my photos right on my phone.

Is It Worth The Money Spend?

Coming from the Samsung S7, which wasn’t a bad phone. I just noticed that it was getting slower and it seems like the camera quality was getting worse with each update. I prefer the Apple software and would definitely say it is worth the money spent. It will be a lot cheaper then when I purchased it as it’s been more then a year after the phones release. It’s a phone I know I won’t need to upgrade again anytime soon unless my phone breaks of course. 

Overall I am still very happy with my phone and won’t highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good smartphone. It’s reliable and the quality is amazing.

Do you have the iPhone 8Plus? Do you still enjoy it?


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