Spring Style Inspiration ♥

When it comes to fashion I am no guru, I just like certain pieces that I feel comfortable wearing. I don’t have any specific style either. With the weather changing here In South Africa to warmer temperatures I have also…

Things I’m looking forward to during Spring

​ Spring will be official in South Africa in September and I have to admit I am excited to finally have some lovely sunny weather for a change. Winter has been brutal well as brutal as a South African Winter…

Hello and Welcome to Natalya Amour previously known as Beauty Candy Loves. I'm Candice a 29 year old South African beauty and lifestyle blogger. I also have the most adorable Pomeranian Lilly and Pug Muggles. I am also a massive Harry Potter fan! Natalya Amour showcases the latest beauty reviews, beauty trends, lifestyle and the odd fashion and home decor post.

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​{Review} Maybelline Pore Eraser

​ The Maybelline pore eraser has finally hit South African shelves,I’d say it’s about time! I can’t believe it took Maybelline this long to bring this over to SA…

​{Review} Healing Earth Products

​ A few weeks ago I was contacting by the brand Healing Earth to review some of their products. Before this I have never heard about this brand,so of course I was curious to try out some of the products…

​My Winter Wardrobe Essentials

​ We are still in Winter at the moment here in South Africa and there are certain clothing items I tend to lean towards when getting ready for the day.


​Life Lately

​ I thought I would get personal with you guys and talk about what has been happening in my life lately. Things have been really busy and challenging for me lately.

​{Review} NIVEA Makeup Remover

​ I’m pretty sure many of you ladies have probably come across or used the NIVEA Makeup Remover, but thought I would share some of my thoughts about this makeup remover in case some of you ladies haven’t tried it…

​5 Time Saving Beauty Hacks

  ​ We all want to look beautiful everyday with no fail, but the cost of looking gorgeous and we’ll groomed everyday usually results in waking up super early and prepping makeup and clothes to make sure you are ready…

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