Pantene Trial – Week 2


Last week I mentioned that I will be partaking in a month long trial, to share my experiences with the brand new Pantene damage blocker formula. You guys seemed to be very curious at the results will be by the last final week. This is my Pantene Trial – Week 2.
So now we on the second week and I have been using both Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, the first thing I noticed was that the packaging is slightly different to the old formula. Pantene has completely relaunched their products, and I like this new packaging compared to the old ones.

The consistency seemed to be a bit thicker than the last and oh my it still smells so good! When lathering the shampoo into my scalp I found that it lathers really well, so not much is needed. I then rinsed my hair I then applied the conditioner and oh wow her is where I felt the difference, as soon as I applied to my ends my hair started to feel amazingly soft ! No hair shedding nor even the need to comb out my hair much, my hair felt amazing.. I then kept on the conditioner on while I was showing for about 4 or so minutes, then I washed it out thoroughly.

I then completely with my hair routine adding some heat protector , blow drying and then straightening my hair – so far I noticed my hair seemed to be more shinny and sleek, my split ends also seemed to be less visible ..


Overall I have noticed slight changes to my hair already, I can’t wait to see what happens the next 2 weeks be sure to keep your eyes clued as next week I will be sharing my week 3 Pantene experience.


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