Pantene Trial Week 3 + New Hair!

Pantene Trail Week 3 + New Hair_01

If you follow me on social media you would’ve noticed that my hair is kinda different okay who am I kidding it’s totally different I chopped a huge chunk of my hair!!! I have to admit I am kinda relieved my hair had so many split ends it was unreal. It was so damaged I honestly didn’t think the hair stylist would’ve taken off so much of my hair but that’s okay it will grow back…  Keep reading to find out Pantene Trail – Week 3.


I am really loving how easy and effortless maintaining my hair is now that it’s short comparing it to my long hair – my hair caring process is way quicker than before and getting ready in the morning is easier because I don’t have to straighten my hair before I leave like before. I won’t lie but I haven’t even really been brushing my hair when leaving the house (lol totally not ashamed!).

This week is also the 3rd week for the Pantene #shinestrong trail and now that my hair is so short I can really tell the difference! My hair is shiner and smoother… Washing it is a dream and it smells amazing ! I have noticed my hair is nourished and looks so much healthier which is really good.. I have to be honest I am really enjoying the new formula that Pantene has created. I was a bit sceptic about it at first thinking it would be any different than the old formula which I know many of you guys have also mentioned to me. I would definitely say that this formula is better than before and I can’t wait to see how my hair looks, I will be continuing to use Pantene. Last week is the end of my Pantene trail I am sad that it will be coming to an end I really enjoyed sharing my thought with you guys.





Keep a look out of final post on the Pantene #shinestrong trail I will be compiling all of my thoughts and conclusions since I have started and let me know what you guys think about my new hair??



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