Pantene Trial Week 4 – Final Thoughts

Pantene Trail Week 4

Sadly it’s the last week of the Pantene open blogger trial I have been partaking in and I have to say I am a bit sad it’s ending I have really been enjoying sharing my thoughts of the brand new damage blocked formula Pantene has launched. Today’s the Pantene Trial – Week 4!

This post will be a summary of the past month have been using Pantene for any of those who have missed my previous weeks posts you can see them below.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

I received the Moisture Renewal Conditioner and Shampoo for dry and damage hair to bring back life to my hair, I have been sticking to using these twice a week for the past month and I can definitely see the results. Now I have gone through a major hair change as well and Pantene has worked great on long and short hair. I have used Pantene’s old formula before and as mentioned before I found that it worked okay but didn’t wow me like this new damage blocker formula does. My hair is so smooth and the combination of the shampoo and conditioner seems to work like a bomb .. My hair detangles when washing it, it’s shiner, sleek and full of life. So such an affordable price and different ranges to suit everyone’s hair type there’s no excuse to try this new formula.


Thank you Pantene for allowing me to take part in the #shinestrong bloggers trail I have really been impressed with the results and will be continuing to use these products.



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