The Perfect Summer Glow With Caribbean Tan Tinted Body Bronzer


I’ve always been a huge fan of Caribbean Tan products, they are probably the most affordable tanning products around and they offer a huge array of different products for every skin tone. 

What gets me excited is that they also accommodate for darker skin tones not just pale ladies.  In Winter my legs are always lighter then the rest of my body because it’s always covered up. I might have an already tanned complexion but to keep everything looking the same I always use trusted Caribbean Tan products to help me with that. When creating a slight bronzed my first thought is always am I going to end up with a horrible orange look? By following the instructions on these products you won’t ever have that happen.


Caribbean Tan launched a new product called Shimmer Cream which is perfect for adding a slight tinted bronzed on the areas I need it the most.

If it’s luminous, radiant skin that glows that you’re after, the new Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream has it all. Same trusted formula, beautiful new packaging.An instant tint, a touch of shimmer.

The Caribbean Tan Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream will be retailing for and will be found at Dischem stores.


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