Photo Editing Apps Worth Using

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I haven’t shared one of these non beauty posts in a while with you guys, my posts has slowed down a lot in the last few months, to be honest life and work has just been insane – not that that’s an excuse but blogging is a part time love for me and as much as I would love to put more time aside for my passion its just hard. Thank you for those who have been barring with me and for all the support , now for the reason for today’s post – I have been playing around with quite a few different photo editors and thought I would share my favourites with you guys!


As mentioned I’ve been dabbling with a few photo editors some are phone apps and some can be access to use on a computer.




Picmonkey was actually the very first photo editor I used when I started blogging, I still use this to resize images and to create my blog header or if I want to create my profile photos into a circle. This website is easy to use and it has so many different things you can create,if you are not too familiar with editing software and want something easy the work with then Picmonkey is a great option.


Cost: Free , but premium version is at a cost to unlock more features.


Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Lightoom, I mainly use to do little tweaks on my blog photos , like change the brightness and remove shadows and that’s about it. I don’t do much using this software , but I do find it great for making my photos brighter.


Cost: Application does cost for full version, I use this on my phone which is free , you also have a trail version which is free to use on your computer.




This is an app I actually discovered when I switched to my new Samsung S7, I have been using my phone to take all my blog photos, the camera is amazing actually better then using my Canon Bridge. I just find it easier to use to be able to edit my photos straight on my phone. I use this app to mainly make the whiter background even whiter, with Winter here the sun hasn’t been very sharp and has been leaving my photos with a yellow tint, this works great to make those parts abit whiter. Also you have an option to blur out the background and to add filters, great for selfies to!


Cost: Totally Free


So that’s about it for photo editors I am currently using, there are so many photo editiing software out there and I have used so many, but these are the three I find myself always using and I end up deleting the others.


What photo editing software do you guys use?


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